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Inside you'll find the best of our previous catalogs and dozens of new images that will delight your imagination. Many of the stamps have new style numbers, so please order from this catalog only to avoid any confusion - because none of us need any more confusion to our days!

Our stamps are made of deeply etched red rubber, they have been closely trimmed, and mounted on maple. They are hand indexed in black ink, no labels are used.

Wholesale is available to legitimate store fronts only. We do not allow our images to be sold at fairs or conventions. It is our intention to promote commerce to our stamp stores.

We allow our images to be hand-stamped and sold for profit. No mechanical reproductions of our images or our catalogs are allowed.

I'm currently teaching classes at:

foto foto gallery
14 West Carver Street
Huntington, NY
and Oyster Bay Historical Society
20 Summit Street
Oyster Bay, NY

All Stamps are copyright the Moon Rose

Diana Kovacs, Artist and Proprietor


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